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Blue Squared Maritime Marine Surveys believes in providing the utmost in customer service and quality performance. We apply those same principles to our vessel maintenance and management services. We will keep you confidently running on the water.

Why A Survey??

Typically surveys are requirements of the finance or insurance companies. However the real reason for  a survey is to have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are buying and not having to worry about surprises after your purchase. Safety, security Always get a survey!

All vessels featured in this website were surveyed or crewed by John Gallagher, Lead Surveyor of Blue Squared Maritime

John Gallagher,

Lead Surveyor


At Blue Squared Maritime Marine Surveys

our focus is to provide you with the most comprehensive and informative surveys possible. In addition to marine surveys

we offer full vessel maintenance and delivery services for any sized vessel.


Blue Squared Maritime offers comprehensive Marine Survey services for your boat purchase (bank financing), insurance

or damage claim needs. Our marine surveys are comprehensive, easy to follow, and our service doesn't end after the

survey. We are always there for questions you may have after the survey is completed. We have over a decade of survey

experience, vessel maintenance, and delivery services behind us. Our job is to provide you with accurate and informative

marine surveys, we work for you, period. Blue Squared Maritime - marine surveys are our job! Call or email us, we will

always provide the best marine survey, maintenance or delivery services possible at every opportunity! We provide the

entire range of services to be expected from a reputable marine survey company: Extensive inspection/evaluation of the

entire vessel (propulsion, electronics, hull condition and running gear, living accommodations, interior and exterior surface

conditions, electrical functions and performance, etc.) and full disclosure of those results.