Blue Squared Maritime offers a comprehensive set of marine survey services along with vessel management and maintenance, delivery services, and overseas purchase/shipping facilitation. Review our services below.  contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Note: Fees are due and payable at the time of the survey. A full report in digital (pdf) format will be provided within 2-3 business days following the survey (oil sample results may require additional time).

Pre-Purchase / Condition and Value

The most important of our survey services. When purchasing a vessel, this is the survey you need to
have for finance and insurance services as well as piece of mind. This is a comprehensive inspection
of the entire vessel from stem to stern covering the following: Propulsion System (Engines,
Transmissions/Outdrives, Sea Trial Performance, Steering, Propellers, Rudders and Cutlass, Oil
Samples - see below); Electrical (Shore/Generator Power Systems, Charging Systems, Bonding
Systems); Electronics (Radar/GPS, Sounders, Auto-Pilot, Satellite Communications, Etc.); Hull & Deck
Areas (Moisture Inspections, Soundings, Meter Readings, Cosmetic Issues Of The Hull And Deck
Surfaces, Stringers); Fuel Systems (Tank Inspections, Filter Inspections, Line/Hose Inspections,
Bonding Inspections); Safety (Bilge Pumps, Fire Suppression, CO/Smoke/Fire Warning Devices,
Visual And Audio Distress Systems); Comfort/Living Accommodations (Galley [Oven, Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator/Freezer, Mixer], Air Conditioning, Head Systems [Gray and Black Water]), Television & Music Systems, Cleaning Systems, Washer/Dryer, Etc.); Additional Extra Items (Spare Parts, Tenders [Tender Inspections May Incur Additional Fees], Etc.); General Maintenance Of The Vessel. 

RATES: Up To 23' - $450 Minimum; 24' To  30' - $20' Per Foot USD ($350 Minimum); 31' To 36' - $22 Per Foot; 36' To 42' - $23 Per Foot; Over 42'

              Call For Pricing

              (Note: Compression Checks, Diesel Engine Surveys, Oil Samples, Vessel Haul-Out Fees Will Accrue Additional Charges, vessel

              lengths are determined by LOA [Length Over All], Travel Fees May Be Applicable)


A typical inspection required by insurance agencies to determine the structural integrity of the vessel, overall condition of the vessel, any safety issues that may affect the vessel (electrical or water intrusion issues), and the current and replacement values of the vessel. These are typically required by insurance agencies (prior to underwriting the policy) and marinas that require vessels be insured. Haul-outs and sea-trials are not normally required for these surveys.

RATES: Up To 35' - $18 Per Foot ($225 Minimum - Based On Vessel Length); 36' And Up - $20 Per Foot


These surveys are designed to specifically determine the cause and extent of damage that a vessel may incur through negligence or simple bad luck. This type of survey is determined on a case by case basis. They are typically requested by insurance agencies and law firms and must be quoted on a per incident basis. You will have a clear and concise outline of the process needed to properly assess the damage and associated costs prior to any action being taken by Blue Squared Maritime. 

Fluid Analysis (Oil Samples)

Engines, Gear Boxes, Generators (typically recommended for diesel applications) - Fluid analysis offer a quick indication of the internal condition of the system being inspected. They enable us to determine catastrophic issues in rapid fashion (Excessive Wear, Water Intrusion, Coolant Intrusion, Etc.). These are not the final answer when looking at engines, however, they do offer inexpensive insight to an engine's or gear box's condition. This process also allows for accurate engine analysis from the time you purchase your vessel throughout your ownership, helpful in general maintenance processes.

RATES: $50 Per Component (Engine, Gear Box, Generator)

Compression Checks / Diagnostics

On gasoline based engines, this is a quick and simple process to quickly establish an engine's internal combustion. It effectively provides an initial analysis of the engine's general combustion capability. It is not the end all, be all but it does allow us to determine if there is significant issue with the engine(s) in quick and simple fashion. We offer additional testing if needed (leak down, visual inspection, pressure testing) at a per project price to be quoted in an as needed fashion. Additionally we can run a diagnostic on your engine's ECM (Electronic Control Module - Fuel Injected Gas Engines Only), this will provide us with an engine error code history, accurate hour reading, and additional information about the engine's history (all reports are based on the particular manufacturer's available information).

RATES:  Outboard Engines - $100 Per Engine (Note: Mercury OptiMax engines require additional time and will require a separate quote)

               Inboard Gas Engines - $150 Per Engine (Note: Water hose removal, manifold removal, etc. will require a separate quote)

               ECM Diagnostics - $50 Per Engine

Leak Down Tests

On gasoline based engines, this is a quick and simple diagnostic procedure to determine the sealing capabilities of cylinder head valves, piston rings, or to determine if there is a head gasket issue. In essence, if a compression test has indicated low compression, we can determine where the cause of the low compression comes from. It also can give a general condition of the valve seating to determine if excessive carbon build-up is evident on the valves or if the piston rings are starting to wear. A compression check is required prior to performing this test.

RATES: Inboard Gas Engines - $200 - $275 Per Engine USD (Note: Water hose removal, manifold removal will require a separate quote - typically    
               part of the compression test.)

               Outboard Gas Engines - $150 - $225 Per Engine USD

Delivery, Shipping Preparation, Management and Maintenance

Blue Squared Maritime offers comprehensive vessel delivery, shipping preparation, and maintenance services for all makes of vessels. Our associate USCG licensed captains can deliver your vessel (of any size) to any port in the world. We are also associated with top-notch preparation facilities throughout the United States allowing us to prepare your vessel for shipping to any location. Additionally we offer complete management and maintenance options for your vessel on a monthly or yearly basis. Let us know what level of service you require and we will make sure you receive the best available.